Aqua Aerobics

We offer a variety of Aqua Aerobic classes to suit all levels of fitness. 

Aqua Zumba

Everything you love about Zumba without stress on the joints. A fun class for all, no matter your size or fitness level.  Join the party in the pool!

AquaFit/ Lifestyle

Working in shallow water this fun energetic session will help improve your fitness levels and muscle strength, using the natural resistance of the water.

Aqua Deep/ Shallow Water

Working in our outdoor pool in the warmer months, with the use of a buoyancy belt to work major muscle groups through the full resistance of the water.

During our colder months join us in the indoor pool for the low impact high resistance shallow and deep water workout.


A light paced aqua aerobics class conducted in both shallow and deep water and is a great low intensity workout. A great social class.

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